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Meridian Radio is a registered charity (269666)

Sponsorship is not a new idea. For many years, businesses have donated money to charitable organizations that serve their community.  For small business owners, pursuing sponsorship opportunities can be a shrewd decision, providing many benefits. So what better way to support your community than by sponsoring a show on Meridian Radio.

Increased Visibility And Revenue

Perhaps the biggest advantage given to businesses that sponsor a Meridian Radio shows and events we do is the increased visibility gained throughout the community and “now” worldwide via our listen online link or by using the tuned in app. In exchange for a financial donation, you will get four radio ads per hour on the show you sponsor, also we will write and make you the jingles for free, your name and logo will be included on  our website, also links to our facebook and twitter accounts, all mailings, advertisement and other promotional material produced by the station, .

The increase visibility of a company’s name and logo leads to increased brand recognition throughout the community. An easily recognized brand makes closing sales all the more effortless. Increased sales equals increased revenue.

Charitable Image

When a business donates to worthy local causes, like that of Meridian Radio (who started out as hospital radio but has now grown into so much more) its image is often enhanced in the public’s perception. No longer considered as simply a profit seeking corporation, a business’ investment in the community signals a commitment and concern for its neighbours.

Many consumers make purchasing decisions based upon this quality. Residents of a community will often show favor to local businesses. In many cases, they will go out of their way to support companies that supports that community.

So how do you become a sponsor of Meridian Radio

You can contact us:


Please add “Sponsor” as the subject.

Give you name address and company details, and we will reply with full sponsorship details.

Or if you would just like to have a advert on Meridian Radio just Click here